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Broker service / What We do

Broker service / What We do

Sea Homes is specialized to convey property in Croatia in the Europen markets. The company has customers in Scandinavia, England, Poland, Hungary, Russia... and a service office for customers in Makarska, Croatia.
Through a high level of service and good competence supervisor Sea Homes and its local partners, giude their customers into a profitable and secure investment in Croatia.

As a buyer you must not only find a property that you like, you also need to find a mediator / real estate broker, who has experience and expertise to purchase the best possible way for you. Real estate broker  may be many times your main contact in Croatia and a relationship that you may benefit greatly from throughout time as an owner of property in Croatia. It is a good advice to take some time to consider who you buy from. Make sure that the real estate broker  you want to use is also formally a real estate broker  in Croatia, and not just a private person who sconveys property. It is important that the real estate broker  has a experience of implementing purchasing property in Croatia for foreign buyers. Avoid unnecessary problems and  work with thrustful licensed real estate brokers  in Croatia.

We work as follows:

Find real estate in accordance with the buyers needs, specifications and cost

Prior to your arrival to Croatia, after online search of all our properties, we suggest to contact as via e-mail to discuss in the detailed your wishes, and arange a  schedule of individual visits and walks through all real estates you may be interested in.

Takes buyers to and shows them properties available for sale

At the time of your visits you will be accompanied by our experienced and qualified representative to provide consultancy, interpretation and assistance when required. In this way the time you will take to achieve the aim of your visit will be optimized and complied with your personal requirements as much as possible.

Negotiates price and terms on behalf of the buyers

Agent's duty is to get the best possible price and terms for the buyers.

Preparation of purchase, precontract and contract

Many sellers will present the final contracts, drawn up by the seller which only protects the seller's interest. Sea Homes' broker helps you to develop a balanced contract that also ensures the buyer's interests.
This includes, among other things, clear specification of  the procedure of acquisition and the buyer's rights.

Application to the Croatian Foreign Ministry on the purchase of the private person, non EU members

Foerign privat buyers who are coming form the non EU members countries must apply for a formal grant to buy property in Croatia. This is an application process that can take up to one year. In the meantime, the buyer has full ownership and use rights on the property, but is not registered as owner before aplication is approved. The ownership is documented in the purchase contract during this period. If you choose to purchase as a foreign private persons, Sea Homes will assists you through the process.

Establishment of limited company by buying through Croatian company

Many of our customers choose not to buy as individuals, but rather establishes a Croatian limited liability company and then conduct the acquisition of property through the company.
The process of establishing a company in Croatia include, among other things, the preparation of corporate documents, verification of notary, the deposit of share capital and registration with local tax authorities. Compared with buying like foreign private person (non EU member contries), there are several economic and legal advantages that the customer must consider.
If you choose to purchase through a Croatian company, Sea Homes will assists you through the entire process of establishing a limited company in Croatia.

Establishment of local bank accounts

The real estate agent will assist you with local banking contacts and establishment of customer account and relationships in the local bank. The choice of bank is an important ingredient in getting payment transactions from abroad in connection with the purchase to be completed quickly and without complications.

Tax and ownership registration

As part of the buying process must be submitted an application to local authorities to get changed ownership from the seller to the buyer. The new owner must also be registered on the local tax office. Sea Homes will deliver the application to the local authoroties on behalf of our customers.

Agency for his work charge agency commission.

There are different issues about each property - so our fee vary from 2% + VAT (2.5%) and 3% + VAT (2.5%). The commission is charged on the total agreed price.
Croatia is an exciting place for holiday and long-term investments in real estate. Makarska, Trogir and Sibenik riviera offer plenty of options if you are thinking about buying an apartment, buying a house or buying land. If you just want to spend a memorable holiday, a real estate agency Sea homes may recommend besides accommodation in high class apartments also accommodation in luxury villas.